Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amachi...this is for you

For the most beautiful lady, for her knowledge, for her strength, for her small pranks and her smile…this is for you…all our love and may you be happy wherever you are…
She had done it all, and she was waiting to go peacefully, and she did just that.
From writing a book on Saibaba to singing beautiful lullabies, coping with the loss of her elder son and then later a much loved grand daughter, she had gone through all the highs and lows of life…
She had her idiosyncrasies, but at her age (she was 84) even that can be seen as allowable.
She was always up to date on all matters worldwide, she knew all that was happening around her and could read any book, she laid eyes on. Though she never liked the television, for all the gory stories that it portrayed, she didn’t distance herself from it too… She could talk on varied subjects but there was no way one could influence her, for she held to her choices.
She had her faults, she had her favourites, and she lived by her own rules, but she was still so full of love.


Deeps said...

Was Amachi your grandmother,Sindhu??..your write-up reminded me of my ammamma,although she was not as fortunate as your amachi to live a long life.But she was a as much a strength to me and my brother as she was to my mother. Thats the bitter truth of life,isnt it..u have to let go and move on.


sindhu said...

she is my fathers mom. And she was a great lady...passed away yesterday.

Sowmya said...

Well written..
May ammachi's soul rest in peace.
first duty on reaching our house(ktm) used to be to go to velliamma's house and see ammachi.