Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The routine at K’s home:
A normal scene a week before
4 pm: K and S are both back from office. They grab a plate and have a generous helping of rice and homemade curries with pappad. Both love food and enjoy a good meal thoroughly.
K: “What sweets do we have?” after a burp of satisfaction, finishing off his meal.
S: “Nothing, we finished the payasam I made a week back and I haven’t had the time to cook anything new.”
K gives S a look of dissatisfaction. The way to K’s heart is through his stomach and well, let’s not talk about the other …
But S is not bothered. After 14 years of marriage who wants to be in the husband’s heart, anywhere near the purse is where she yearns to be!
S: “But there are those Arabic sweets, you can have those.”
K moves towards his next target, a bit mollified.
S doesn’t budge from her position, with her legs outstretched…and hands not letting go of the remote, a precious possession now….
The younger 11 year old, Kav is prowling nearby.
One has to be careful, or the programme would be suddenly change to Kav’s preferred Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly place…
K finishes the sweets and moves towards the bedroom and gestures to S, asking her to follow.
S ignores him while watching a mediocre Mallu programme and acts as if it is the most interesting programme till K gives up and moves on …
10 minutets later
K: “Daaa…”
S: ‘Varunnu….coming.”
Another 10 minutes pass by but S hasn’t budged from her seat
10 minutes and a sterner “Daaa,” later, S relinquishes her power position and hands over the remote to a victorious Kav.(who was expecting this move anyway)
S settles in quietly between K and N and the whole household rests in peace, the afternoon siesta time which extends into evening…
By 7pm
S is up and about making coffee and repeatedly calls out to K to come and have his cup…
By 7.30 finally K is up and relaxes with his coffee watching TV.
S cooks dinner while watching over the kid’s HW.
A peaceful scene but look out, a storm is already brewing in there…
K trys to be helpful but soon enough there is a huge commotion, Kav is not agreeing with the father K’s version to a certain solution and thus starts the war…
The younger N leaves her HW half done. She escapes unnoticed in the commotion and packs her books back into her bag.
By the time S reaches with her peace mission, the atmosphere is charged with verbosities and emotions are flying out into the air.
S’s mission is entirely unsuccessful. Father K now accuses S of bringing up the kid leniently and thus the entire cause of the whole incident is now resting squarely on S’s shoulder. She carries the load back to the kitchen, leaving the war scene unresolved…
By 9.30PM…the angry family again converges for more verbal debates and dinner….

The scene now at K’s house:
K’s family has finally registered with a club, after a month of hunting through the few options available. K has finally given his verdict, found the best one and the family too seconds the master’s decision.
6PM: K’s household is thriving with activity and everyone seems to be in a rush…packing, trying out old and unfitting training gear.
The younger one, N is again trying to finish her HW as that was a condition for being taken, but she leaves it after a few futile attempts…
N’s completed HW is a dream for the whole family and for N too …
K is smarter; she has cut short her TV watching session and has completed her HW way ahead of time.
The afternoon siesta is cut short, the bickering sessions are minimal and by 7pm, the whole family is on their way....

Moral of the story:“An active family is a peaceful family”
Quick take:“Hope they keep this interest alive for a month at least…”

Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 years of Moonhood

Remember the static sounds and the near muffled words uttered on the unclear and dark backdrop of the moon. Relive the excitement evoked every time you saw the clipping even if you were born years after this moment in history. Who can forget the ‘One step for man a giant leap for mankind’ quip by Neil Armstrong? I get goose pimples every time I hear these words and now, that historic moment is said to be faked.
Is the world really so unscrupulous or are we just cynical and sceptical of everything that is being reported? Is the media at fault here too for revealing their questioning nature for anything in particular?
And to make matters worse, the original recording of this historic moment has disappeared.
How can such slip-ups ever be forgiven? Why can’t an organisation that has launched man on the moon, the technological leap of the century, hold on to one of the most treasured moments in history and keep it safe?
According to NASA it has been erased and re-used, but newly restored copies of the original broadcast look even better.
Now that does smell suspicious, even to me… (I believe everything, even my younger one fool me and gets away with it.)
So what do you think,was this really a NASA fabricated lie by US to silence the Russians and their believed space supremacy?!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am gay

Now that is something to make people come running to my post, so guys it was just a standfirst, something that comes before a headline to attract readers to a story…Sorry to disappoint you, I am not 'that' Gay.
But I am happy! Because I have finished my second paper and am now hoping God blesses Mr Gavin, who will be correcting my paper, and keeps him in the best of spirits so that he can liberally overlook my literals!
But talking about that interesting word, ‘gay’, there are so many facets and many of them are being colourfully brought out in all the dailies without much restrain.
I am all for freedom as long as mine is not impinged.
But I do have an issue with one ‘minor’ detail that I just can’t understand. It could be my view but I have to say this aloud. I just can’t understand why gay men (at least some of them) behave and dress so outrageously almost as if vying for attention. If they want to be 'seen'as normal men why would they do that…why would they want to stand out and attract attention to themselves and be branded as ‘different’.
While that is just my thought on this I strongly feel that we are on the right path. It might take long for a tradition-bound society to accept homosexuals but after Section 377 was rewritten by the High Court; we have taken one big step that makes us think twice before we criminalise someone just for their nature.
And at this stage, I think of the beautiful movie, Philadelphia which was instrumental in making me consider homosexuality as natural as heterosexuality. Well, almost….(and that’s my primitive self raising its head)