Sunday, October 5, 2008

Expressions I love

The gleam of cunningness in her eyes, when she intends to lie and get away
The slight curl of the lips
Then the victory reflected in her eyes…
All of these on my tiny four-year-old’s face
Makes me want to squeeze her and somehow capture all these fleeting emotions into my heart,
But I put on a stern face to scold her
And then the victory gleam in her eyes dissolves into submission
A sad and ashamed expression pleading mercy
I fall prey to her game and leave her
Then I see the cunning, victorious look…
And I know she has conned me again!
But this time I have let her, to see, yet again, all the expressions I love.


imemyself said...

hug her tightly on my behalf...

Deeps said...

Nayna always had that mischievous glint in her eyes isnt it?? I too am eagerly looking forward to going through such similar phases with my Namya.