Friday, December 5, 2008

The first stage show of N's

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This was the younger ones first stage appearance and both of us (K and I)just about managed to identify her before the show got over. Can you imagine, we were focusing on another kid who beared a resemblence to ours and focused all our energy, clicking pictures, smiling and waving at her till our elder one pointed out the right kid!We instantly shifted attention and thankfully we had some pictures of the 'right' and our very own kid.


Reflections said...

LOL at ur clicking pics of another kid.
The same thing happened to us last year...finally we used the zoom in the videocam & scanned the faces closely....and finally caught our girl somewhere in the 3rd row;-P.

sindhu said...

Felt really silly at the huge mistake, but they look so different with the makeup

Deeps said...

Hilarious!!Is that Nayna in the pic,Sindhu?? she surely does look different with all that make up!A tight hug to her...I can only imagine the amount of fun Kavya and Nayna must have had at your expense while discussing about your goof-up!
will speak to you soon to get details:))