Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hail Blogging!

Blogging in Wikipedia is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Blog to me:
A diary of sorts, where I can pour out my happiness, my frustrations, my thoughts, where I contemplate on my shortcoming, lay my dreams bare, recount my memories, share it with a select sensitive few.
But lately, I am bugged by this new fixation…on checking for comments, so much so that it has become an addiction of sorts…
That’s makes me think…Am I so desperate for appreciation?…and why?

Blog to my husband:
The wife’s ‘time pass’ fixation, which he scoffs on, yet is proud about. He calls it an entire waste of time but reads it word to word, even asks why he is not mentioned in it, in places he thinks he should be!

Blog to my kids:
One is too young to worry while the other worries constantly if her mom is writing about all the times she has been ‘bad’ while she helps me in her own silent way...

Blog to my colleagues:
We lightheartedly comment, ‘Beware of what and how you react, you never know, you could be blogged about too.”

Blog to near and dear ones:
Another form of being in touch – of being reminded of those memories, long forgotten. Brushing aside the dust and revisiting the good old days…

Blog to those who peep and go away:
Whew, another self righteous female, pompous and so full of herself! There is nothing new here…lets move on! Just another of those who like to lay bare personal musings!

Blog to other blogger friends:
Another of our peers, and hey lets recognise this endeavour, for we know it is not a simple effort, to make time and to keep at it, make it interesting to all who read by adding certain elements and to keep blogging on matters that touch each one of us in our daily lives…

And where do you fit in?


imemyself said...

need i make clear????

Reflections said...

Hey....nice topic!!!!
Blogging to me is.....hmmm...I dont really know anymore.
It initially started as a way to pour my feelings out but now.... it is more of a way to connect:-D.

And u r right abt the comments chking fixation...I too suffer from this malady:-P.

Deeps said...

definitely definitely reason 2,including the comment aspect.You have no idea,Sindhu,the number of times I log in to just see who all visited me and if those who did visit me had left any comments.

You remember,we spoke the other day and you said that at times reading other bloggers's posts can be more interesting than jotting down your own feelings.I so agree with you on that.That is one of the other reasons that I open my page-just to read what fellow bloggers have posted:)

Just call me 'A' said...

hmmmm a large part is similar to no. 2 and initially i would log in everynow and then to see who has left a comments. comments still thrill me but for different reasons altogether. it's more about the other person now than it is about me.
the things i write about? well a combination. sometimes it's to pour out what i feel, sometimes to ponder on a thought or issue and putting in down on black and white to make it feel more real, sometimes just for the fun of writing something.

sindhu said...

Yes, you said it right, it is about connecting too, N.
And APS, well, there is no need!
And yes, Deeps,it is an addiction of sorts.
I liked what you wrote A, makes me see you and the blog in a complete different perscpective...

Midlifecrisis45 said...

Mmmm. Interesting line of thought. Maybe all of have to find an honest reason for WHY we do what we do.
Just so that you think about it Sindhu, How honest is anyone who lays it all bare on the public domain? Do they write to an audience, a Husband, A Friend, A Blogging Community? Is at as honest as the diary you keep locked under the bed? Much as anybody would like it to be, Is it a luxury that you can afford?
My little effort at stirring the pot........