Sunday, January 11, 2009

Half Century

And finally, the 50th blog. I never thought this would grow beyond the second or the third one, so this is an instant to be proud of. When colleagues hit the 50th and then soon the 100th blog, I used to wonder, God, these talented gals, how do they do it?
This also seems to be the perfect time to show off my next award, one which was waiting for me behind the curtains, from Deeps and Just call me A…

This award was crafted with love, sprinkled with loads of peace and added with lots of prayers.

So I take a bow! (Is that the echo of claps that I hear! )


Deeps said...

clap clap!!!I just got back to my page after leaving a comment on your previous post and there you were-up with another one!

And congratulations on the award and on hitting the half-century:)

Just call me 'A' said...

yes yes it is the roaring of claps :)

Reflections said...

Aayushmaan bhava.....phooto, fallo....:-D

Congrats for both....for ur landmark 50th & the award!!!!

p.s: The above hindi dialogue is lifted from Hindi Movies....written as I have heard it, so agar mujhse koi bhool hui tho aap kripaya maaf kare.

sindhu said...

Thanks guys...and N, that ashirwaad is not too appropriate to me at this age, if now I do start phoola and phalo, it will be disaster!(in the literal sense that is!)

Reflections said...

LOL.....oooops tht aspect of it didnt occur at all;-o