Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 years of Moonhood

Remember the static sounds and the near muffled words uttered on the unclear and dark backdrop of the moon. Relive the excitement evoked every time you saw the clipping even if you were born years after this moment in history. Who can forget the ‘One step for man a giant leap for mankind’ quip by Neil Armstrong? I get goose pimples every time I hear these words and now, that historic moment is said to be faked.
Is the world really so unscrupulous or are we just cynical and sceptical of everything that is being reported? Is the media at fault here too for revealing their questioning nature for anything in particular?
And to make matters worse, the original recording of this historic moment has disappeared.
How can such slip-ups ever be forgiven? Why can’t an organisation that has launched man on the moon, the technological leap of the century, hold on to one of the most treasured moments in history and keep it safe?
According to NASA it has been erased and re-used, but newly restored copies of the original broadcast look even better.
Now that does smell suspicious, even to me… (I believe everything, even my younger one fool me and gets away with it.)
So what do you think,was this really a NASA fabricated lie by US to silence the Russians and their believed space supremacy?!


Blessy said...

I have had enough of the real/hoax story so have become indifferent towards the whole issue.
However I came across this website...found i mighty intersting!!
Looks like atleast some people belive in the story and are capitalizing on it.

Anonymous said...

hmm. am all for development and progress. but i so want to hold onto some mysteries. the moon for me is a romantic, beautiful thing, and i want it to remain so without a thousand footprints and littering the surface with stupid flags.
so i would like to believe that it's a hoax, and the lady in the moon is having a blissfully content life.

sindhu said...

Blessy:went to the site...have to keep reading there...
Vani:Oh, but that seems like my romantic thoughts...and so true.

Kamini said...

I believe it all really happened! To me, the mystery of the moon remains undimmed, and I am still awed by what it took to put men on the moon.

Reflections said...

I have no clue Sindhu.....really;-P