Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am gay

Now that is something to make people come running to my post, so guys it was just a standfirst, something that comes before a headline to attract readers to a story…Sorry to disappoint you, I am not 'that' Gay.
But I am happy! Because I have finished my second paper and am now hoping God blesses Mr Gavin, who will be correcting my paper, and keeps him in the best of spirits so that he can liberally overlook my literals!
But talking about that interesting word, ‘gay’, there are so many facets and many of them are being colourfully brought out in all the dailies without much restrain.
I am all for freedom as long as mine is not impinged.
But I do have an issue with one ‘minor’ detail that I just can’t understand. It could be my view but I have to say this aloud. I just can’t understand why gay men (at least some of them) behave and dress so outrageously almost as if vying for attention. If they want to be 'seen'as normal men why would they do that…why would they want to stand out and attract attention to themselves and be branded as ‘different’.
While that is just my thought on this I strongly feel that we are on the right path. It might take long for a tradition-bound society to accept homosexuals but after Section 377 was rewritten by the High Court; we have taken one big step that makes us think twice before we criminalise someone just for their nature.
And at this stage, I think of the beautiful movie, Philadelphia which was instrumental in making me consider homosexuality as natural as heterosexuality. Well, almost….(and that’s my primitive self raising its head)


Anonymous said...

lol @ 'Sorry to disappoint you, I am not 'that' Gay.' You sure will get a lot of wierd searches now :)

As for the wierd dressing sense - I think it is a hype created by the media more than anything else.. You can't always make out who is gay or not by their appearance..

I think it is a great decision too.. Isn't it sad that for one minority - it was illegal to exist in the way they are oriented...

Anonymous said...

interesting title Sindhu:))

I agree with SMitha that this ''they dress oitrageously' is just another stereotype created by the media.
In everyday life you cannot distinguish between a heterosexual and a homosexual.

Here is a very interesting and pasionate post and one I agree with whole heartedly


and yes Philasdelphia was some movie! awesome is the word.

Solilo said...

What? No fair. I was so happy..came here in joy. Saare armaan toot GAYe. Ha..ha..ha..

Have you watched My brother Nikhil? I watched it recently and cried buckets.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia as well as My Brother Nikhil!

Anonymous said...

Here I was thinking you'd be catching up on that huge backlog of sleep,but you are telling the world you're gay!!! Kashtham!!

As for the dressing up outragiously is concerned,I too think its nothing but a media hype,Sindhu. You cant gauge anyone by their attire,can you?Leave aside knowing who is gay and who's not.

Oh yes,Philadelhia is a cult movie. I well up every time I watch it.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by 'outrageously'? i think most men are boxed in by the whole 'manly' thing... you don't think twice about the colourful lungis our men wear back home. but sew up the fabric to make it a shirt or a shorts, and we call it 'gay'?
we were ok with ABjr or FAkhtar wearing a hair band, but if we knew or thought they were gay, then that would become 'outrageous' right.
just a matter of perception.

Blessy said...

Sindhu...totally agree with you ..Philadelphia was beautiful and like mentioned so also was My Brother Nikhil.
However this overt and in-your-face displays of being Gay is quite rare. I know of gay men who could give AB a run for his money! I guess its how insensitive people aka media like to see them as.
Anways..u go ahead n and enjoy ur hols.

Smita said...

Congrats for finishing ur paper :D and lol @ the eye ball grabbing title :P

As far as Gay's & their dressing style is concerned, ki fark penda hai??? Let them be comfy the way they are :)

I just wish that Supreme Court doesn't change HC's order!!!!

Kamini said...

Your title did grab my attention! It reminded me of the time when I was growing up, when "gay" was used with gay abandon!
I am friendly with several gay men - including some who have started families - and they don't really look or behave any differently to any one else. Even if they do, perhaps we should cut them some slack - life is not easy for them, as they have to navigate their way through myriad prejudices, on top of life's normal quota of problems.
Congratulations on completing your paper! Hope all goes well.

sindhu said...

Thanks Guys...Yeah, even I realise that it is how they are portrayed...and maybe I will need for interactions with gay men to feel really comfortable among them though I am not prejudiced about them...
Like Kamini has rightly put it, they have so many issues to deal with I think we should make life easier for them as much as we can...

Renu said...

I also feel puzzled by this dressing style and make up,in vevry other movie evn in Dostana..Boman Irani is gesture were ridiculous, they have put certain gesture styles and everybody does them the same.

In India I am yet to see any man dressing like that or behaving like that, gay or not, except Sylvie or Bobby darling but they are filmi people.

Another thing I dont understand is that when they dont like women, why they copy their dressing style and make up etc etc?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with many other coommenters here that the weird dressing style is media hype... in real life we won't know if somebody is gay from their clothes.

This was one great step towards justice for all.

Must watch Philadelphia...