Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A lady of contradictions?

I have all of it in me, bottled up, but the flood gates wouldn’t open. I tried hard to let the fingers fly over the keyboard but they were still and lifeless, when I navigated on to the blog page. (Only then, mind you, I have been writing lots for my job…)
Until finally, I decided, I should let loose the fire in me -- to write without inhibitions, without being bogged down by deadlines and word counts, and that will happen only if I don’t loosen up and write. Hence this…
A lot has been happening, yes, here in Qatar too and we the media have been on our toes trying to be everywhere.
On one of these trips, I met our very own Mira Nair. True to all expectations she was all words and actions and could be categorized as borderline brash too. The reasoning, I will come to later.
But here, Mira Nair, was addressing a foreign audience and she used her oratory skills to the max. She said that she didn’t want to be known as the cultural ambassador of India.
And that put me off, when (mostly) all her movies and the monies made from them can be attributed to that very country, how can she deny the effect of that upbringing here in front of a global audience!
But then as a contradiction to her own words, were her cinema, so full of colours and customs and traditions, especially the scene in Namesake where the protagonist (Tabu) mourns the death of her husband. And then I forgave her or rather understood that an artist should not be judged by her words but by her creations…for even if she hates being called the cultural ambassador of India, she is just that.
And for the brash part, well, it is partly my fault, while we were talking to her, my cell rang…and I instantly cut it and put in my sorry (and wasn’t I embarrassed, I am usually very careful and put it on silent for all meetings!), well, then this lady replied, “You should be!”
And then I wished I could be invisible, atleast during that moment!


Anonymous said...

ouchhhh oh my !! that IS brash!!!!!! wow.

Deeps said...

C,I told you Sindhu,it was just a matter of time till you came out of your hibernation.I knew you would treat us to a lovely post.
Regarding Mira Nair,all I can say to hell with her.Dont feel sorry for what happened,yar.She maybe an expert in her craft but she sure needs to be taught a lesson or two on modesty.

sindhu said...

Three cheers to you Deeps...and don't I love you!

Just call me 'A' said...

i would say that was downright RUDE and out of place. You DID say sorry. there was no need to retort the way she did. people will always be know for how they react in situations and carry themselves. She clearly needs a class in that. Sindhu you should have just given her your killer look

sindhu said...

well, those who know me, tell that my killer looks melt when the other person smiles...but will try and use it more frequently and A get well, soon.