Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not me!

Picture this.
I am outside after a conference and am surrounded by familiar faces, those of the media and those who are participating in the talks, some familiar and some unfamiliar ones. And from far, this guy from a local newspaper, waves at me and bears down on me with a happy, almost triumphant look on his face. I look back, and there is the wall behind me, so I decide, Yes, all of this smile is for me!
I hope there is some good news in the offing and look at him expectantly.
He stretches out his hand and shakes my hand vigorously saying "Congrats"
ME: "What, why?"
(Trying to pull back my hand)
He: “Well, heard some good news!"
ME: "You did!"
He: "Yes, Congrats and how do you manage."
Me: (now slightly relieved...thinking he means about my job and the recent responsibilities I am handling, I almost preen in self appreciation) and say, "Well, it is difficult, but I manage."
He: “Is it a she or a he"
I almost faint in shock...and manage to mumble: “What!"
Now the confusion is in his face...
And then it dawned on me, this guy had heard of my boss's good news, a new baby girl, a happy addition to their family and mistook me for her.
I gave him a look, one of disgust and pity and well all the bad emotions that I could pull into one expression and said, "Kindly verify facts before you publish and utter them!"
And if looks could have killed, he is now a dead man...


Anonymous said...

What an idiot!

But I laughed a little, Sindhu :D

sindhu said...

Hmm, but I forgive u Solilo!

Deeps said...

"Kindly verify facts before you publish and utter them!"
very well said,Sindhu.I'm sure you must be dying to share this experience with V when she gets back next mnth:)

Sashu... said...

heheheh..poor chap! can imagine his plight :D

sindhu said...

She responded as soon as she read! She shares my views on him, Deeps and how is Delhi?Is Namya happy to be with her GParents?

sindhu said...

And Sashu but what about me!

Deeps said...

Hey,you've been tagged!

Just call me 'A' said...

ha ha ha..poor poor guy...and I'm laughing and laughing and this laughter better help poor little sick me. ha ha ha ha

you're now the lady with the killer looks ;)

Reflections said...

Heeeeee.....hey thts ok....much better than this joke which I read in readers digest....
A new mother started exercising soon after her baby was born coz she felt she was looking flabby.
One of her neighbours whom she saw rarely came towards her & said "Hey u r looking good".
So she said "Really!!!"
Neighbour said "For person in ur condition, ofcourse u r looking good "
SO she was really thrilled & turned to go when the neighbour asked
"So when is the delivery???"

Heee....maybe this joke is out of context but ur incident reminded me of tht....heeeee thts not to say u r looking u knw.

Gulp...Sindhu is going direct her killer looks towards me now;-o

sindhu said...

I already have, u must be bhasmam by now!I am laughing though too...and hey, was wondering why u are not coming over...