Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Questions..and some answers...

UMMON tagged me here...and she did the same too...
I follow...

What is something I always say to you?
N(the younger one): Sundarikutty (beautiful baby)
K(the elder, wiser one): Don’t watch TV, GO and study

Am I so impartial?!

What makes me happy?
N: when I do my HW
K: when I get full marks

Like any competitive mom?!

What makes me sad?
N: When I am not doing my HW and going to J..’s house
K: When I don’t take bath

How do I make you laugh?
N: When you cuddle and kiss me
K: When you dance and say silly things

What do you think I was like as a child?
N: A beautiful girl (she is a big ‘maska’mari one, I should tell you)
K: Always studying (that’s is the impression I gave her)

How old am I?
N: 10 (and when I laughed, she corrected it to 11)
K: 36

Ah, my kids, the younger they are the younger I get!

How tall am I?
N: very tall
K: same as my height

What is my favourite thing to do?
N: kiss
K:blog (ah, she knows me!)

What do I do when you’re not around?
N: Go to office
K: Go to office

Not very orginal, a boring mom!

If I become famous, what will it be for?
N: being a good mother
K: for writing a book! (wow…)

What am I really good at?
N: Loving me ( she first said kissing…did K, MY HUS, tell her or what?!)
K : shouting and scaring me (she has suddenly realised that she is making me happy and changes tactics)

What am I not really good at?
N: ugh (she means amma is good at everything, my intrepetation)
K: playing with us! (Look out for more mean-stuff from her…)

What is my job?

N: cooking…
K: chief correspondent

What is my favourite food?
N: everything…
K:Hameel fried rice! (Yummy, the cheapest but tastiest joint)

What makes you proud of me?
N: ………(she didn’t understand)
K: when you came to school to take journalism class

What makes me proud of you?
N: ….
K: when will this get over, so boring…

What do you and I do together?

How are we the same?
N:We are girls
K: We have brains

How are you and I different?
N: different hair (now she is desperate to go off and watch Mr Bean)
K: You don’t put any good accessories (bangles, earrings etc)

What is one thing you wish you could change about me?
N: (she has left…)
K: bossy attitude

I stop here…both are too irritated and I am sure they might do something drastic if I don’t.
Reflections, I am waiting to hear your version(I know you will tell me I have lots of tags to finish!), Smitha's, Solilo (who is already tagged) and Deeps(too tagged), Renu,Overdrive...everyone who wants to join in, please do...this tag...


Anonymous said...

lovely tag....i feel like doing it too but i ahve so many pending tags :(.
i can actually feel the irritation of the kids through their answers as the questions went on and on :D. I'm sure K and N must have thought..."this is not HW...hmphhh" :)

Anonymous said...


Sindhu, N is more like Peanut but I can see her turning into K in few years.

Your girls are smart. :))))

Anonymous said...

very cute. but still can't imagine K say something even remotely mean. guess i just have a huge soft corner for her.

Anonymous said...

That was fun,Sindhu.K knows you really well,doesnt she?
N is a sundarikutty!
Love and hugs to both of them:)

sindhu said...

Do it, A...but I too have loads of tag to finish!
Wuld love to read Peanuts reactions...
K can be mean too..she has to try hard though, but I can see her changing, it is the age, I guess!
Deeps: Now ur picture tag, next on the list!

Anonymous said...

lol!!sho very cute:))))

I loved this part the most :)))

How do I make you laugh?
N: When you cuddle and kiss me
K: When you dance and say silly things

the kiss and blog one was hilarious :D coz K knows you too well eh?:D

you are so blessed to have them both:)

Reflections said...

...enjoyed reading this!!!!!!

The elder children generally know us very well:-P

And Sindhu....u r sounding like my kids....saying my dialogues b4 me;-/

imemyself said...

the answers are so reflective of each of their age and stage in life... but i loved N's "kissing" part and K's "dancing" bit... u really dance to them? u have to do that in the pantry for us :))

sindhu said...

I ma blessed, indeed!Indyeah...
Ya, THE ELDER one is more perceptive!And the younger one full of masti!
Waiting to read yours now, Nancy
And thank you Deeps, bTW your header looks great!
Apps, yes, I dance with them and play catch-catch too...and I am useless after the effort!panting with all the effort! Are you sure, you want me to do that, it is hilarious to see me dance!

Winnie the poohi said...

LOL! Your elder one is full of teenage rebellion :)