Monday, August 18, 2008

A new Love

I really can’t understand this. This sudden love for music. The same person who used to change the channel when there was a song being shown on TV, never hum even in his bath or listen to a beautiful song without doing something else along with it, here he is now sitting still in our living room with an expression of pure amazement! Closing his eyes, as if in a trance and slowly moving with the music. This man who can only sing tunelessly, here he is humming under his breadth, thoroughly enjoying himself…
He beckons with his eyes, imploring me to sit and listen! I comply though my mind aches to protest…
He is listening to the new music system he has splurged on and I am so tense I just can’t enjoy the music. It is not like him to spend on frills like this and music, never, so what has come over him, I wonder!
Finally, I ask him, “What happened, da? Have you found a new love, is there someone new in office.” I can’t help asking the obvious!
Now he sighs and says, “I wish that was true, but it is this,” he says gesturing at the amplifier, “It’s this technology, when you increase the volume, it is the volume that increases and not the sound that increases as in other systems…and isn’t it great?” he asks.
And I can only gape in reply.

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