Sunday, August 17, 2008

On a Lighter Vein

KK to a family who always insisted on calling us over not giving us a chance to call them over…
“Why are you guys like a bank, just one-sided transactions!”

KK on our house in Vashi
“It is so small you have to go out to change your mind.”

KK on having 2-kids:
“Your role then changes from being a parent to a moderator.”

KK on why a baby suddenly looked down after looking up at KK’s face:
“She is searching for the TV remote.”

Me to KK, just before I left for my first work related trips without kids:
“Take care of the kids as if they are your own.”

Will add on…

1 comment:

mahesh said...

Ittavana thenga ente vaka (first comment is called a thenga ie cocunut in malayalm blog world)

Brilliant.. "going out to change your mind" and the last one absolutley rocks..